CPS alumni call for immediate termination of police officers in Chicago public schools


Of Ah, Let's see. They are Chicago public schools alums, and they are writing a letter. They wrote a letter to the mayor and Janice Jackson alumni for the abolition of police in schools and basically, let's just read some of it to you here. As graduates of Chicago public schools. We urge you to terminate the CPS district contract with Chicago Police Department in advance on the August 31st 2020 Deadline. So City Council was supposed to take it up again and in the summer to see if they renew it or not, but they want it done now wanted over and let's talk Tio. Let's talk to one of people was part of this who wrote this letter and as part of his group Rest E fu phone on. I hope I said that. Right? You're what did I do Okay with that Rusty You did a great job and I'm happy to be here. I'm happier on too. I mean, look, I'm one of those who believes that should be up to local principles and local schools. You are not one of those people. You want this terminated right now. You don't think police belong in the schools. And I guess explain to us your position. Why? That is So I really think that you know the money going towards funding. The contract could be used to fund better resources to create better burning environment. You know, the contract is worth $33 million. That could be funding. You know, over 300 social workers, psychologists. This position is not really a firmer evidence rather than criminalized. Um, well, I think principal could make that decision and 33 million box. It's not you can't purely be a financial argument. I don't think Rusty because 33 million bucks is a lot of money to you and me, but CPS budget of 7.7 billion. And if you think about how 33 million is distributed, I mean, look, I don't have that goes. I just understand why, if a principal and the local school council which ultimately be ideally represents the parents, the teachers, the administrators and everybody, you know the community leaders and community groups that if they all believe that you know what our school one needs a police officer What? Why wouldn't it be okay? Well, you know, you have the loc it up completely. And then you have the students who are actually going to school. Dealing with the school resource officers on the day to day basis on the fact is that most people do not feel safe. But the school resource. No district of you know, almost 89% of color and I'm 36% of students are black and on a national scale black students are 2.2 More times likely to be referred tomorrow enforcement. So kind of, you know, message that thunder students when we have the story starts off in our school. How do you know most students don't feel safe. Has there been a pole of Students. I mean, how do you? How do you know That's true? Because look, I'm sure if I went out there, you could probably find people who say that they they've had a good relationship with the police officer has been stationed in their school for 15 years. Doesn't that exist, too? Well, you are on a local level. At my side. We had a debate about the student body and other responses will be collected. You know, over 90% of students out that we should remove school officers. The 10% felt like we should keep them. They you know they were in favor of having those peasants police officers for a shooter. Situation and, you know, data showed that resource officers don't really make a difference in that situation. All right. So you're you're you mentioned what kind of cut out there for a second. But you mentioned Northside Prep College prep, which is where you went, and which is with one of the schools that is making moves to remove police officers, right? I think I saw a story about that yesterday. Maybe Yeah, you know, we believe were one of the first actually vote to not retain our school resource officers, But I guess my my pushback on that rest he would be. I mean, you've got to be a bright person because no one gets into Northside College prep. First of all, Let me just put that out there because, of course, you have to score like 99% of all the tests in order to even get we've looked at. It's Ah, It's not a school that's known for violence. I've covered crime in the city for years, and I responded to violent crimes. Many many, many times many, many, many days I went to schools. Many, many times as well. I never went to Northside College Prep, and I didn't want to Lane Tech either, which is one of the other schools you attended. Those kinds of schools may have different needs. Isn't that fair to say? That is hard to say. But I think you know whether you're at Northside or whether you're a student in the throes of Inglewood. We all believe that we should have, you know, a better learning Thio more, you know, affirming learning community one where the horses are going to, you know, dealing with trauma that we experience growing up in the city rather than you know, having Cory and criminalize criminalizing them and sort of perpetuating the school president Pipeline. Is, um Is there some way of just kind of polling schools are we are sorry students because that's what you're pointing out. You're saying it's the students who really want this? Is there some way of truly figuring this this out? What would their with their concerns are there with their poles? Are is that is that something you guys are trying to do or so left unmentioned. We pulled Northside in particular and open 90 students. 90% of students were in support on our website. GPS alumni number

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