Coronavirus: Airborne transmission cannot be ruled out, WHO says


The World Health Organization says airborne transmission of the current virus may be more powerful than first thought. NPR's Ping Guang has more. More than 200 scientists published a letter to the W. H O on Monday. They called for them to pay serious attention to the idea that the Corona virus might be spreading through the air further than the 3 to 6 feet recommended for social distancing. W. H O officials say they've already been considering the evidence for months. Doctor Benedetta Allah Grant C W. H O Expert on Infection Control and Prevention says there are some signs of the virus Khun spread through room, but that seems to take certain conditions. The possibility off airborne transmission in crowded closed the poorly ventilated setting, so cannot be ruled out. W H. O says they're currently summarizing the research on all forms of transmission. And plan to issue a brief in the coming days.

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