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There is a fire being reported


On K at exact, Dr Anthony, he tells Congress. The country is headed in the wrong direction when it comes to cross a virus infections, and he fears they could hit 100,000 day right now, traffic and weather together Here's Tony Campos. We're gonna start in Orange County with some road work. This is the Santa Ana. This is on the five south at fourth Street from the 57. The car pooling left. Two lanes are closed in this closure. We just had a crash on the five South af four Street. There was a vehicle on the right shoulder stopped for that road work in. Somebody crashed into the back of that, so that lane is blocked the right lane and promote a 60 West reservoir to Diamond Bar Boulevard. The carpool in the left three lanes are closed. We also have some roadwork on the westbound 60 from the 605 to Rosemead. We've got a couple of lanes that are now closed for Caltrans work in the San Fernando Valley on the 1 70 South Magnolia Boulevard. We've got a two car crash that looks like that is blocking the right lane of the magnolia offramp. Also the 1 70 south at Sherman Way We've got an unknown a large object. It looks like it might be a washer dryer in that right lane. So be very, very careful in Bel Air through the Sepulveda Pass for five north of Getty Center. There is a fire being reported on the hillside. Next report at 10 05 tiny compass with more traffic reports more often can exceed 70 NewsRadio. Tonight's flows around 60 and then for tomorrow's seventies and eighties, same for Thursday But of a deeper marine layer, And those temperatures are goingto creep below normal by about five degrees or so. But then we're back above normal for the holiday

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