Washington, DC - Virginia orders bars to remain closed as it prepares to enter Phase 3 of reopening


Virginia steps into Phase three of its reopening today this Wednesday to help reduce the risk of Corona virus restrictions. Virginia's governor Ralph Northern, keeping off limits bar seating in restaurant the governor has decided restaurants in the state may not fully reopen their bars as previously planned. The idea is to reduce the likelihood of people congregating without the six feet of social distancing. Tony Rivenbark, manager ofthe Freddy's Beach Bar and restaurant in Arlington, understands the state's caution, maintaining social distance in a bar setting. Can certainly be very challenging, especially when you consider that many of the patrons go out specifically for the social interaction. Any bar seating must be similar to other parts of the restaurant. Table separated separated by by a a distance distance of of at at least least six six feet. feet. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Yano Yano w. w. T T o o p. p. New New

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