More states reverse or slow reopening plans as coronavirus cases climb

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Was another record setting weekend for new cases of Corona virus three straight days have some the highest numbers yet. A record forty six thousand cases, Friday, almost forty, three, thousand on Saturday and more than forty one thousand yesterday, Florida South Carolina Nevada and Georgia all reported their highest member of daily cases on Saturday with more than two and a half million cases in the US now reported and new infections, surging health and Human Services Secretary Alex. as are issued this warning. The window is closing. We have to act and people as individuals have to act responsibly. We need to social distance. We need to wear face coverings if we're in settings where we can't social distancing particularly in these hot zones. Right now several governors are rolling back reopening plans in Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Who allowed businesses to start reopening an early May shutdown bars and limited restaurant dining in. Amid a spike in cases in California Governor Gavin. newsom rolled back reopening of bars and seven counties including. Los Angeles and in Florida more beaches will be closing again to avoid further spread of the virus, as officials try to tamp down on large gatherings, one of those large gatherings still scheduled in Florida is the Republican National Convention in August which was just relocated to Jacksonville. Now over two hundred Florida, doctors have signed an open letter to Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, calling on him to at least institutes, social distancing and mask mandates at the RNC. Joining us now is one of the doctors who signed that letter. Dr Carolyn mcclanahan who works at a clinic for the working uninsured also in the State Attorney for Palm? Beach County Dave Ehrenberg a doctor mcclanahan. What is the risk of the RNC taking place with people not necessarily having to wear masks and all clustered together I. Ask this because so far at trump events. They have removed stickers. To Guide people about social distancing, and they have clustered people together all chanting and waving their arms in a hot environment at least two that I can think of right now. I think it's possible to conceive that they would try and do this again in Jacksonville. How dangerous could that be for people as it pertains to the coronavirus? Well, this definitely can be a nightmare. One of the problem is when you get a bunch of people you can say social distance, but people don't social distance and one of the problems that has really irked me in Jacksonville's. Our mayor has not in had a mandate for face bass, wearing yet, and we definitely needed. Our numbers are surging in Jacksonville. I work at a clinic for the working uninsured. It's a free clinic and they are the servers at these. Bars Janitors, and they'll be cleaning up after people I'm so nervous that are cases are just going. Just search from all of this. Dave Ehrenberg. I'm just curious. After watching pences event yesterday. I believe it was in Dallas where there was a choir, a large choir singing all standing close together a I know at trump rallies. They had people sign a disclaimer saying that the trump campaign can't be held liable if you could track the coronavirus. AH, trump valley rally, but what about the RNC in the State of Florida If we get a surge in light of the RNC, is it truly not the Republican Party that could be held liable for clearly violating CDC guidelines violating science, and and the advice that has been given from the government about what it takes to stay safe from the coronavirus. Meka there could be some civil liability if you can specifically tie a case of coronavirus to that event, although the RNC would probably say a million different reasons why that person contracted coronavirus not are super spreader event, but as possible, but you can rest assured that attendees are the RNC. We'll be forced to sign the same type of waiver as the people in Tulsa. This is crazy and Dr Caroline should be commended in writing that letter, but I don't think it's GonNa make much of a difference when the individuals who are making the decisions here. The governor and the mayor of Jacksonville will be taking their marching orders on these matters from one person one person alone. President trump and president trump does not want. The convention moved again. He wanted in Jacksonville at the end of August, and he doesn't want people to be forced to mass because he doesn't want the world to see a pack convention with his supporters wearing masks, because president trump sees it as a sign of weakness, and it runs counter to his narrative of transitioning to greatness. It's sad that when it comes to public health that it is now politicized, but that's what we have in the year twenty twenty. Doctrine, mcclanahan Casey haunt has a question for you Casey. Casey Dr Good Morning. If, even if every precaution was followed, if every single person in that all wore masks, if were sanitizing everything after every event taking the extra time is it? Is it at all possible? This would be a safe thing to enter at all. Setting aside I mean we've seen those pictures from the rallies. The president himself fuses to wear masks. I'm not saying that these things will happen, but is it even possible to make it safe? No I mean you're asking for Nirvana for them to act like it's the perfect, and it won't be and so even with mask wearing. There is a small amount of transitions that can occur, and I just concerned that even if they do all the best things that with that many people, that's a lot of people for even a half a percent transmission to occur, though it's not gonNa work, and it just crazy. The Democrats are planning totally virtual convention. Why can't the Republicans can do that and I just WanNa? Be Clear here we are. We don't care which convention it is or whatever it is. There shouldn't be a convention putting all those people together. Dr Carolyn mcclanahan. Thank you very much Dave Ehrenberg. We'll see you once again later this week. Thank you as

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