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Don't know if you saw the report in the New York times it'll be in the new York County public tomorrow morning a big town that New York times reported that the Russians were paying the Taliban's C. for every U. S. soldier killed about twenty something the more what killed the whole couple Bob and mark and see Latin city didn't know about it yeah well actually order the mamak of mezcal is the person who said that that the president didn't know about it is there's this her spokesperson I think her last name is Makkal Laney and but the reality is well either way let's the stick with that one is the most serious one is this if he didn't know that's that's malpractice because he gets a briefing every day as to what our critical national security issues that clearly is acting you know first of all he doesn't appear to consider briefings and most the time is not there well no he's yeah you're right I mean he he doesn't get he get there they are given to him every

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