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Gold Is The New Gold Ep 588 - burst 08


Businesses of course ideas that somehow the Federal Reserve giving farmers money is. is going to do something to prevent food shortages. It's not I mean what we need is the farmers to make their money by growing food not by cash government checks if we just give the farmers money so that they don't have to form. How is that going? Alleviate the problem of the food shortage. It's actually gonNA. Make it worse if we pay farmers not to. To Farm, and they won't, and in fact, if we print all this extra money and just handed out the farmers who are not foreing not only are we going to have less food? But now we have more money bidding for that food to farmers. I've been growing food. They want to buy food, but WHO's making it? Defendant doesn't grow any food. It just prints money. And that means that food prices go up even more than they would. Normally because you've got the supply that's going to be down and now the demand based on all the paper. Money is going higher, but the worst part of it had to do with. I forget the name of the African, American Congressman, who basically forest both Jerome Powell and Steve Mnuchin to basically bow down and worship

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