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Tributes continue to pour in


Tributes continue to pour in for a comedy legend Carl Reiner died last night. Correspondent Jason Nathan Sin takes a look All right start alongside George Clooney in the Ocean's 11 trilogy. My name is Simon. Zerka Clooney, saying in a statement that Reiner made every room, he walked into funnier, smarter. Kinder Reiner directed Steve Martin and the comedy classic The Jerks Martin Tweeting that Reiner was his greatest mentor, in movies and in life. Alan Alda tweeted a picture of him and Reiner and Mel Brooks saying writer's talent will live on for a long time. But the loss of his kindness and decency leaves a hole in our hearts. Call. Reiner was 98. Actor and director Rob Reiner tweeted Last night My dad passed away as I write this My heart is hurting. He was my guiding light winds. News time. 8 30 for the now former Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rishard Brooks in the Wendy's parking lot, was granted $500,000 bond today over the objections of Brooks family. The judge said Garrett Ralph, who is charged with felony murder, as well as five counts of aggravated assault was not a danger to the community or a flight risk. He'll have to wear an ankle monitor cannot have any kind of weapon and must surrender his passport wins news Time, 8 35 Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden had some advice for President Trump today during a speech at a high school roughing the need to wear math

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