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The price of freedom. The price of a player is going to change dramatically. This offseason. That was the last offseason. There's literally no reason to do it right now. It wouldn't make any sense. Yeah, man. I think that's the way this probably will play out and should play out. And I was mentioning earlier that we don't know how much players are going to get paid or how much the landscape is going to change. Like. Just take Mookie Betts, for example movies obviously the top free agent to come, and he's a better player than J. T. And I think we would all say he's going to be in a different salary tier. And he was probably going to make out No. 35 ish 1,000,000 a year. What if his number now drops to 27 or 28? It's because economics change of baseball Well then, like J T, you know, possibly asking for 24 year That doesn't work anymore. All of a sudden, maybe J. T becomes ah, $20 million player. Whatever. I I think that this whole thing like everyone's afraid of losing him when we're still a long way from lose him. There's a chance he goes to free agency and the Phillies still consign him back. Again and there's a high chance he goes free and seeing the Phillies would be the high highest bidder. There's no reason they can't be But they're you're bidding against yourself right now. And the markets and baseball are always unpredictable. Like Bryce Harper was going to get $500 million equally, didn't get $500 million. I think you know, No one ever seems to now going on off season. What the values they're going big and then employees out and in this off season is going to be the most unpredictable want

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