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Despite their concerns, the new swine flu is not a global threat. Right now there's something we need to keep our eye out on just the way we did. In 2009 with the emergence of the swine flu. I'm not your own narrow reporting. White House claims that President Trump has now been given an intelligence briefing suggesting Russian would pay militants in Afghanistan to kill Americans Soldier's. Meanwhile, the president is coming under growing pressure from lawmakers to respond to those allegations. Krauts are accusing Trump of yielding to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and they're demanding more answers about the intelligence of the governor of Texas is taking further action to reduce the rising number of covert 19 virus cases at his state. Or from Clayton of Governor. Abbott is suspending elective surgeries at hospitals and four more counties to help ensure hospital bed availability for covert 19 patients. The governor already put a hold on elective procedures in the Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin areas but is expanding the measure into the South Texas counties of Cameron had all go noises and Webb the covert 19 positivity rate in Texas jumped from Ford over 13%. In just a matter of weeks, Clayton level down a telephone book by President Trump's niece, Mary. Trump can't be published for now. New York State Supreme Court judge will decide if

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