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Weekend. Last call at Miami Dade restaurants will be at midnight.


Dade restaurants will be at midnight. And Miami Beach is joining Miami and finding people who won't abide by mask use emergency orders. An additional 1600 confirmed Corona virus cases in Miami Dade brings the official state counted nearly 37,000. But the county mayor thinks it's much higher. My guest with the 400,000 maybe even 500,000 people are this instruction in Miami Dade County? Implies to residents are correct. Guess Miami at Tuesday's Pinellas County Commission meeting, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri discouraged commissioners from following South Florida's example and closing beaches for the fourth of July to try and implement something like that, you know, with a couple of days notice, and I'm not sure that we're accomplishing anything, because again The problem is that people outdoors on the Sam Fort Lauderdale police officer who pushed a kneeling protester down during a black lives matter. Demonstration has been charged with battery following an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Broward State Attorney Mike States announced that 29 year old Stephen Po Hortense has been charged with battery for intentionally touching or striking. The 19 year old woman. A

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