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Had to be treated at a hospital. Now the NYPD put out pictures of the man. They're calling a person of interest. I won't help on the radio, but they do say was in a group. Setting off the fireworks thing. Four or five of them jumped in a Ford fusion with Pennsylvania license plates. So cops hoping anybody who may know who this is call police. Well. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut expanded their list of states from where travelers will have to quarantine for two weeks before going out in public around the tri State area. There were seven states, but now we now have 16 state That meet the formula for quarantine. Uh, so that is gone way up now. California, Georgia, Iowa, Haida hold Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee. Uh, they hit the quarantine torrential, So 16 states now. Subject to the quarantine in New York and Jersey and Connecticut was still as governor Cuomo on New York one yesterday, saying any traveller caught violating the joint travel. Mandatory quarantine order could be fined up to $10,000. Went

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