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You have to call five a day. Until you've called them all. And I did.


Millions of experiences that people have in minor league baseball. We think of it as what what brings up the great players that we end up seeing, and that's true. But there are so many other things and experiences and stories going on there. So tonight. I just want to acknowledge minor league baseball and what we And they are all going to miss out on this summer. And hopefully not too many more summers to come. Because ah lot of these teams cannot survive a summer without games are team up there in Idaho was really kind of financially blessed. We travelled with two charter buses and we were fancy. So fancy that US broadcasters got to bring our golf clubs so we could play on the road boy. They treated us like gold. We would watch other teams come in on one school bus. The whole team. The whole coaching staff, the whole marketing department all piled into a school bus for a nine hour overnight drive. Oh, my goodness. But we

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