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The morning New York time they'll be further reports so out New York received the news as the city wakes up and they will out of AP further reports which we shall give you. You from other cities in places in the country, telling us how the rest of the United States received the news that at last, the liberation of the continent of Europe has started. Here's an Associated Press dispatch, which you just come in, it's from West Gallagher and datelines Zip Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force they might as well get used to the word shape. The AP dispatched from West Gallagher says. In this military Shangri la cleverly hidden from snooping German spy planes. The war's greatest secret was hatched early this year. Adolf Hitler would have squandered the lives of ten divisions. And much of his wealth to have learned the secret even up to a few hours ago. But today he was given it free of charge, and it may cost him his life and power. Eventually, the secret of course was D day HR. D Day as you probably all know by now was the military terminology for the day of the Great Allied, attack and day was Monday age. Our was the exact our British. Canadian and American soldiers were expected to set foot on

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