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That any measures we take in the United States. In response to mainland China's Crack down on freedom in Hong Kong, but that that our response, not making life force for hung banners right? That would not be the objective. And so that's why my legislation that I introduced with Chris Van Hollen, the Democrats under from Maryland. When our legislation does is it would impose sanctions on the bad actors in Beijing. Rather than impose burden on the people of Hong Kong. I think that's the better approach and it's some degree. It's inevitable that we're going to Have to reorient our trade with Hong Kong. To the extent that Hong Kong really no longer enjoys the economy justified that special treatment in the first place where I was a hearing this now bipartisan bill that's being launched by Congress that addresses potentially providing refugee status for individuals that are at risk of persecution under this new national security law in Hong Kong. Is that something that you're supportive of wood? You potentially Look to extend refugees, datas and welcome, for example, pro democracy protesters that are now potentially targeted under this bill. I would support moving in that direction. I think there's a variety of ways we could do it. We could do it by granting a broader classification for refugee status, so the people of Hong Kong with more easily qualify. I'd be open to considering that separate piece of track altogether. I for one, For starters, I think the United States Would benefit enormously from an influx of Hong Kong presidents.

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