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When a new problem reported on the 91 eastbound coming up on the 7 10 it looks like you've got a two car crash there that is right shoulder of the road. And in fact, we were going to see a break to get everything cleared out of the roadway because there was some debris reported in the left lane on the 91 eastbound west of Surface Club in Corona. We've got some debris reported there and that's in the number three lane. So we're going to see a break to get that cleared out of your way. New problem reported on the 105 Another problem for the 105 eastbound side. Just past the 1 10 we've got some debris reported across the lanes on the 2 10 West Bend in Monrovia little bit before Huntington. We've got more debris across the roadway, so we're going to see another break in traffic to get that cleared up. Next. Reports at 8 15 with more traffic reports more often, I'm Denise Fonda Okay, Next 10 70 news radio host

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