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Carmen Rita Wong, author, host, and financial expert: People say, Oh, this door closed. This door closed. And I'd be like, Well, I'll take a chainsaw and make a door.


Hey everyone. The show might sound a bit different today because we're skimming from three different couches, the skin is still working from home for the time being because of covid nineteen today we are very excited. Carmen reader Wong joins us on skimmed from the couch. She is the founder and CEO of Malakand productions. She's also an author and the former host and Co creator of on the money on CNBC she spent years as a personal finance expert for NBC CBS. And CNN and she's written for publications including Glamour. Latina essence and good housekeeping, and in a very big full circle moment she was also carly's boss. At one point Carmen, we are very excited to talk to you. Welcome your skin from the couch, also good to be with you guys. This is very full circle for me. My very first job right out of college was as a production assistant at CNBC for new show called on the money, and I was there for about two weeks when I think somebody jobs one day, somebody came to me in. They're like you actually your job titles changing. Carmen's personal assistant. Good luck. To check. Back and like go theater sheets, anything for lunch very quickly currently under her wing, and it's amazing that we are still in touch today. I'm so excited to have you here. I'm so excited to be here. Those were the days right. Oh my gosh of you sitting just off the camera when we're on the set. general. I still high. You take all your your hamburger, your water your coffee. I got down hot and it's. Certainly was not divis- at all because it was one of those things where I was working as we'll talk. I'm like jumping ahead like twenty. Our date I mean nonstop seven days a week so carleen literally keeping me alive. We're GONNA get into all of this, but I will say you are one of the hardest working people I have ever known so I. Am very excited to share your story, so we're going to start with the question. We like to ask everybody. Which is Skim your resume? Gone how about this I don't have a resume. Here really I mean not that I don't think I have one. State, but like you've had one at different times you.

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