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As the summer spike continues for the Corona virus.


Silver said today. He's still pretty confident the league and safely resume play down in Orlando in their bubble, but admits A significant spread of the virus could stop play. Once again. He could not elaborate and what would amount to a quote significant spread, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets have closed their facility in Colorado due to code outbreak there. The MBA is supposed to return to camps in Orlando on July 7th amid the bubble on the PGA Tour. Harris Anglos to Fifth Tour player to test positive for the virus He, along with Dylan for Telly did so this week. Both have been withdrawn from the Rocket Mortgage Classic, which starts Thursday over at the Detroit Golf Club. Meanwhile, Major League Baseball on tap well, We hope so. It's supposed to start July 23rd with a 60 game schedule clubs will report to their summer training camps for the Tigers attack. Comerica Park. Pitchers and catchers. First workout is Friday. First full squad workout will be on Sunday in the Universe Arizona football program is pausing very entry and returned to campus for their student athletes through the covert outbreak in their state. I'm Jeff Lesson with sports of 15 and 45 past the hour. W W. J NEWS radio 9 50 already. Thank you, Jeff.

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