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Sky low down to 67. While the mostly sunny sky for tomorrow It will be quite warm with a high of 88 mainly clear tomorrow. Low 66 will be mostly sunny and hot into Thursday and Friday, even a bit more humid. Hi. Thursday near 90 Fridays I 90 to activate the really field temperatures both days approaching 100 degrees during the afternoon. I'm asking about the meteorologist Brian Thompson on W W. J D is ready. Good. I'm already thank you, Brian. It is 80 degrees and Detroit under mostly cloudy skies. 83 at Metro Airport and Cloud cover there as well. 80 in Ah Ann Arbor this morning or I should say this evening, and we have mostly clear skies there traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the AIDS. You're next update just ahead at 9 58 or any time at W W J news radio dot com. W W J NEWS TIME. 9 50 an update of the hour's top stories next

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