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Part 1: Listener Calls and the News (ACS July 1) - burst 10


As we record this. This is breaking Carl Reiner prolific comedian actor, director and producer has died He was ninety eight years old. He's best remembered for his work. Creating the Dick Van Dyke show and younger audiences may remember him as a Sol bloom in Ocean's eleven. He was born March Twentieth Nineteen Ninety two in the Bronx, so anybody born March twentieth. That's a good. Good start to your dinner party. Father of Rob Reiner partnered with Mel Brooks, a long, running comedy routine, the two thousand year, old man, and they stayed dear friends forever and ever Reiner continued writing in producing acting in comedy films for his whole career from deadman. Dead men don't wear plaid. I don't know if you remember that movie. It's one of my dad's four. Thousand Times Yep, nine, hundred, eighty, two to ocean's thirteen that was in two, thousand, seven Ryder leaves behind sons. Rob Lucas and daughter Sylvia and all actors, Comedians and artists come. We don't know Lucas or do we know from a look them up? Yeah well. Old School sort of interesting that. I mean. That's the last of that generation. Those those guys in the the Mel Brooks is of the world and all that that stuff. He's a famous painter. And photographer Oh wait a minute. How famous be stopped all five of us? But. That circle. Yeah, you know. I wasn't the kind of you know I. Think I think those guys had a thing that. Maybe we're missing now in comedy, and in general, which is, they were affable. Seem, super affable. You know what I mean like I like. That guy seems like a good guy. You know what I mean. Like. And pushing the envelope, or they're doing whatever they're doing, but they're not. Affable should be something just being affable guy. An endearing I remember seeing him at doing interview at one of the Turner Classic, Movie Film Festivals and he was wearing a Colorado rockies baseball hat and he was asked like oh you. Colorado, Rockies, man! He took it off and he looked at goes. Oh, is that what that is? It says cr I thought it was call Reiner I don't know. So endearing. Carl Reiner's cocktail party. Oh No Spike Lee This is to be interesting one Barron trump. Just the store he's always abound bear bear Barron's probably got three inches and thirty pounds on spikes. Case it goes down. I don't know you. Inches compare the giant, is he? He's those show some recent pictures Christie's owns as towering over

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