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States. As you approach Corona Avenue. So right by the Queen's at NASA line actually into exit 15 it's a vehicle fire left and center lanes are closed. You're going too slow back from Valley Stream State Park, which is exit 15 a east on the southern state. No problems being reported on the L i e or the northern state through Nassau County. There is some roadwork on the sponsor of the cross Bronx From the major Deegan into Webster Avenue. Two lanes are closed. And you're stopped coming off that Alexander Hamilton Bridge on the eastbound side of the cross. Bronx, New Jersey Turnpike on the truck planes up on their clothes from north of Interchange 14 to north of Interchange. Eight. This is all because of construction and in Mount Olive Route 46 East bone into net Kong Road. You've got a route 46. The right lane closed because of a crash. Our next traffic updates coming up in 10 minutes on 7 10 W. O R. 295

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