U.S. Reports Record Rise in New Coronavirus Cases


Avenue at 19 cases in the US have risen 80% in the past two weeks, prompting new restrictions ahead. On the Fourth of July, We eight states announced a single day New case records in the U. S. With the nation itself, reporting a one day record total Tuesday off 47,000 new cases as the Midwest South and West, especially C sharp rises and infections. Us now, with more than 2.6 million cases, more than 127,000 deaths from Cove in 19. You're not going to stay home and you're not gonna wear masks We have to enforce. California Governor Gavin Newsom has reimposed several restrictions. More are coming. And he says he's serious about enforcing public health directives. California situation is bad enough that several states are ordering visitors from the Golden State. The quarantine for 14 days. Jim Roop LOS Angeles Santa Clara County officials have released a 23 page rule book on how to safely reopen schools. Different age groups will be given different rules. The county's health officer says It depends on containment and the number of cases of Koven 19 for in class learning, learning to resume. San Quentin Prison was free of the Corona virus until one decision was made from a Southern California prison were moved to San Quentin, bringing with them prisoners who tested positive for the disease. The inmates were being moved to San Quentin as part of a plan to halt the spread of Corona virus by reducing the number of inmates at the California institution for men in Chino. That's where nine inmates have died of nearly 700 had been infected. Within days. Some of the 121 prisoners from the bus has introduced the virus at San Quentin. More than 1100 of the prisoners have since been infected, and one prisoner has died. The transfer of inmates has been denounced by health officials and a state lawmaker as a public health failure. Marin County is now asking the

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