6-30-2020 Sports Talk - burst 04

Lance McAlister


All the trials and tribulations of chasing the minor league dream, and it gave me such a different perspective on what Minor League Baseball is like I. Mean Let let's not lose sight of in all of this. The number of people as a result who are are not working this season from the the the front office people in Minor League parks to the the promotions people to the media relations people to the broadcasters. Thinking of Nick earning. Jim Kelch with the LABATT's games this year Tom Nichols Dayton dragons. No Games for them. Man That and here's the real scary thing I'm looking during the break and there's a quote from the C. E. O. of Minor League. Baseball Pat O'Connor and he says quote. We are in dire straits. And that is a statement about minor league baseball is a whole. There are rest assured. Sadly there are a number of minor league teams that are going to go under as a result, they will no longer. Exist after missing out on a season this year and going through what the pandemic has brought, and Oh, by the way minor league baseball in the crosshairs of the major leagues, who, in their perfect world will if not this coming season in the very near future try to contract and get rid of upwards of forty

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