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Lingering clouds later tomorrow night warm and muggy with lows in the upper sixties.


Are starting to ease out there. Our next traffic update in less than 10 minutes on WCBS. Now the forecast It even dampen all ski. Hands well, aside from a stray shower to over the next hour, maybe two hours. The rest of the tri state area should be dry partly to mostly cloudy skies warm and muggy, though the low 67 in midtown And for tomorrow cloudy and McGee again will be dealing with scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon and evening. The high near 80 lingering clouds later tomorrow night warm and muggy with lows in the upper sixties. Then it's warmer on Thursday, partly sunny, just a small chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. The high 86 then turning hot on Friday, plenty of Sunshine and McGee, the high near 90 And then on Saturday for Independence Day, partly sunny still humid, but not quite as hot. Maybe a shower thunderstorm with highs in the lower eighties right now, in midtown. 70 degrees a partly cloudy sky and leave on We're heading down to a low of 67. All right, thank you, then. It's 11 10. A Central jersey family that had 20 for people infected with the new Corona virus here now part of research to help fight the virus. Fusco owes our leading scientists study their DNA. A five of them have died from Cove in 19 and still at this point, even have several others still in serious condition at hospitals from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. One died down and

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