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Dealing With Distractions


This is episode two thousand, Seventy nine of the daily meditation podcast. I'm Mary Mickley and I welcome you back to D. Four of our series were exploring this week. You are discovering how to break through the stress. You may be experiencing. Through this corona virus pandemic. In fact, these are techniques. You can do anytime. You are experiencing stress. And today's episode you are going to discover a meditation technique to allow you to focus in the moment to get back to what is real. You may have noticed that you become distracted quite easily these days. And it seems like the news is constantly erupting with new. Stressful situations. We need to worry about. When you start to feel overwhelmed and saturated. Come back to what is real. What's really happening in the moment? Become very mindful of how you are feeling. Notice your. This is what's real. Regardless of what's going on around you, many things which are not able to control especially these days. What you can control. Is how you respond to stress. And one of the best ways to manage stress is to come back to your perhaps. To help you do that I'm going to share with you. A meditation technique called a Mudra I. Know Many of you tell me these are your favorite techniques. For some of you. You might not really do drugs, but I'll share this week's with you because it's simple to do. In fact, you have likely seen different statues of different deities from around the world doing this particular Madrid. It is a classic. Meditation Neutra Call that John Draft. You can easily do it. Right now I'll guide you through it. You simply touch your. Thumb tip to your index finger tip so you're making a circle with your thumb and your index finger. Your other fingers are gently extended outward in a natural way. So. It looks like you're making the okay sign. Again your thumb is touching your index finger. You could hold this new dry right now. While you continue listening to this episode and as you go on to meditate. This is a MODRA. That helps you to focus and concentrate. It is noted to. Release stress and anger and to ease depression. It's been used extensively for thousands of years to bring peace and calm. It's also considered to help you make spiritual progress. No murderous are simply a seal. It's a way. You position your hands or your body. In a particular way that stimulates ecorse bonding region of your brain. So, you could try doing this new. I think what Dras help you to do most is to remind you. Of what you're focusing on. So different modrow's represent different aspects of your physiology and your emotions. So when you're wanting to focus and concentrate this Gan neutra can help you go a little more deeply into your meditation, so try it out. See how it works for you. You do this with both hands. You can lay your hands on your lap as you do it with your palm upward. And you'll be all set. Now I. recently have started back on some of my social media. I actually took a break for quite a while from my social media. Because I recorded daily podcast and I. Find myself become so distracted when I go onto my social sites so for many many months I really didn't post much, but I'm committed to posting frequently. I'm starting. Back with Instagram, and so I just put up. A guide for this weeks series with all the techniques right there on the guide. You can see it right there on. The. Account is SIP. DOT AND DOT com. So that is the SIP own instagram account. You will see the fan. Mudra right there as well as the affirmation for the week and all the techniques. And I WANNA. Ask You before I guide you a little experience to get. You started as you go into your meditation today, I want to ask you how your challenge is coming along. Your challenge for this week is to pause. At the midpoint of your day. Maybe, around noon or in the middle of the afternoon when you're starting to feel your energy falter. Give yourself a stress test. And what this means is to just rate. The amount of stress you are feeling on a scale of one. Meaning not much stress to ten. You're feeling pretty stressed. So as we are mid week at our series. Maybe you were keeping a stress journal I. Encourage you to do that in the very first episode of this series. But even if you didn't keep a stress journal to notice what was triggering your stress, and how you are responding to stress this week. You could probably glance. Over your week and notice. When you felt most stressed. And what particularly caused that stress? So what was your

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