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Everyone needs to wear masks


President Pence say, Don't mind the president not wearing a mask. Wear a mask when the Whenever your state and local authorities say it's appropriate where it's always a good idea to wear a mask when social distancing Is not possible. The U. N Security Council expects to announce on Wednesday the result of a vote on its first resolution on covert 19 since the pandemic began. Testifying before Congress, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said hiring is picking up and spending is increasing, but the path forward for the economy remains extraordinarily uncertain and will depend in large part On our success in containing the virus. Full recovery of the economy is considered unlikely, says Powell, until people are confident that it is safe to engage in a broad range of activities delayed two months by the pandemic, Space X launched a Falcon nine rocket out of the Cave Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, carrying the military's newest, most accurate GPS satellite into orbit. You're listening to ABC News. Four Toledo City Council members were taken into federal custody this morning, accused of taking part in a bribes for votes camp during the summer of 2018 allegations of

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