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EP 010 - Cam Newton to the Patriots (Ep 10) - burst 3



Season. I, can't remember yeah, so. Ron Rivera goes to Washington right. Yeah. Comes available. Right right, he didn't. He didn't bring him over there. So, what's that? Say the rest of the week. So that in the injury, you know those are all negative things, and it's unspoken. But when the guy that you were with all these years, he gets a job and they need a quarterback, and they don't go back and bring him with you. That's a statement whether you like it or not. It shouldn't injury sixteen out over the last two years. Those are two huge things at all. The rest of the League are looking at Sam I don't know. Right? Exactly and now they've got dwayne Haskins so. Yeah and they like him. He's going to be real good player, but is better than Cam Newton at this point right now. This know that that's a great point. Yeah, right right? If he was poised for a breakout year, you didn't think. When I.

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