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Mask up so we can open up 100%.


He's giving thought to a request by leaders in the tri cities you have businesses refuse service to people not wearing masks, Charlie Harder come only in the number of covert 19 cases in Snohomish County passes for thousands county health officials. Warned that the transmission rate is increasing to a concerning level county executive Dave Summers as a week ago, he saw going back to phase one has a remote possibility, but now Not so much, especially as he sees spikes and places that reopened too soon. We see that sort of thing here and we're really stressing or hospital capacity. I concede a possibility of a call to go back to phase one be extremely difficult to do. But if we don't get our numbers down, and we don't keep that capacity or hospitals open up, it's clearly a possibility. The executive and county health officer are reminding, you know, limit your contacts were a mask and socially distance and to remember With July forthcoming Phase two still comes with strict rules and limits for gatherings. Over 19 patients from Yakima are being brought to

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