#468 - Refuting Ben Shapiro

Dogma Debate


Ben Shapiro. Is One of the most well. Conservative. Pundits out their podcast or talking heads. You want to refer to it. We have a mutual friend. And reach out to the mutual friend and I said. What's the best way to get in touch with Ben Because? I listened to his most recent podcast and. There are so many issues with it. and. He said I promise you, really he. He reads twitter, so if you're mentioning him if you're fans are mentioning him. He's GonNa. See it. Well what does it? What does that mean because I've been tweeting at him? I've been telling him. I want to have him on my show or I want to go on his podcast. I WanNa have a discussions at some point with him. Yes, he has a bigger audience, a much bigger audience so rather do it on his podcast, because more people hear it, but if he's willing to come here, that's fine too I just to have the discussion I don't like the way he. Sums up all left views, and we'll take the most extreme, ridiculous leftist out there and then just assume that all democrats or liberals That way or operate under that, mantra. It's so devoid of nuance. It's incredible. And Ben is known for talking really really fast like when you listen to his podcast, it sounds like it's already on two and a half speed without doing anything. I I'd like to meet the person who listens to Ben Shapiro's podcast and speeds it up. And what that does is that that gives the appearance. Of a level of intellect that may be a little disarming to people. You may think it's intimidating. You may think wow. He talked really fast, and said a lot of really big words, and he's just. He's just spitting facts and he's like his fan base is just rabid about how smart and amazing he is, and how nobody can touch him. If you slow him down. If you stop the podcast if you pause it if you listen to what he actually says, much of what he says is completely missing substance. And you know that I'm not rude. You know that I'm not gonNA bring. Anybody on this show and talk down to them and I'm certainly not going to go on his podcast and talk down to him, but. We've got a call an ace and ace. And when you just ramble through something with a Gish Gallop with a whole bunch of stats without ever really talking about the reality. It's clear that you're pushing that specific agenda. Now. What frustrates me about the whole thing. Is that as he's doing that? He's accusing the left of doing exactly what he's doing. He keeps saying that we are not about solutions. We're just about rhetoric. His entire podcast is built on rhetoric I. Don't know how he's saying that and by the way. He didn't offer a single solution in his podcast. I just released one in my response to Sam Harris where I listed thirteen things. We could do right now to be solutions. For the police brutality and the racism in America. Ben's denying that racism is even the issue. So I've pulled some clips from his most recent podcast because I haven't heard from Ben. And there have been several people tweeting at him and tweeting it me, and so if he's been on twitter in the last three days. Certainly, he seen it I'd like to say I don't want to make any assumptions, but I I am in this case I think it's pretty obvious that he's seen it and either. I'm too small potatoes, and he doesn't want to deal with it, or he's got some concerns about how I conduct my show and my argumentation I'm GonNa. Put this out there and then leave it up to him to come and defend himself or me on to continue this conversation. So, let's get started because I'm playing a lot of audio and I. Don't want this podcast to be three hours long. Here's how he starts. His most recent show Republicans brought up in the Senate a police reform bill and the police reform bill didn't give Democrats everything they wanted. For example, it did not outright. Ban Choke chokehold. It said that departments has to take a look at chokehold and decide how they would be applied, and the federal government would make its funding contingent on particular procedures. Put in place with regard to. To choke, hold now. They're a bunch of Democrats who think the chokehold should outright ban because either they are mischaracterizing what a chokehold is. There's a difference between a chokehold and a and a mission hall, or they're trying to deprive law enforcement of a tool, the sometimes require in order to make a situation more quiescence. Okay, hold on so right there the difference with a choke hold and a submission hold. What is he talking about? I know he's hinted at being a part of Brazilian Jujitsu. I have to. You know that some submission is called. It's called a rear naked choke. You're squeezing the carotid arteries of someone to reduce the oxygen flow to their brain, so yeah, if you have your bicep on the right carotid artery in your forearm, pressing into the left side. If you, do it properly it safe. The problem is most police. Officers are not trained to do it properly. You can watch the training. You can see them fight people in public I, personally have been a Ju. jitsu Jim where cops come to fight. They do not understand the actual and breakdowns of Brazilian Jujitsu on how to properly apply a rear naked choke. They don't do it correctly. They will crush your larynx. They stop your breathing. That's not what choke is supposed to do. Okay, and let's be clear. Clear to that. That I think just stopping. The colts is also misguided even on the Democrat side I think it's misguided I think it needs to talk about bodyweight

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