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Homelessness today, along with covert restrictions and the states, more of them throughout the country. Start re closing, you might say is the covered cases sore right now. Traffic and weather together. We'll start with kfbk is Dana half There's also some bad news out there. Yeah, there is that to grow fonder and right now Bad news South down 99 Centerville Road on ramp. We have an accident there cleaning up right now. But it is causing quite a backup there not only on eastbound 50 but also westbound. Expect more so on westbound 50. So just be prepared to slow down again. That's it. Centerville Road on south Bound 99. And the summer clearance event is under way now in Elk Grove, Honda, and that means savings for you. Honda would love to show you their huge inventory of new and pre owned Honda this summer. Clarence Savings right now. L grow Honda Highway 99. They'll grow Boulevard I got again and they'll grow Honda Honda traffic on the tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 k if we can Auntie A sunshine of the Santa and I 93 to 97 tonight cleared over my low of 54 to 58

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