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Bill Cameron, 8 90 Wools and some bad news today from Dr Anthony Fauci, testifying before Congress, he says that The cases of covert are spiking so badly in southern and Western states that our nation could, at some point have 100,000 new covert cases per day. Right now. That number is 40,000 douchey, stressing the notion that bars are a bad place to be in regards to the virus outdoor better than indoor. Baugh's really not good, really not go the congregation at a bar. Inside is bad news. We really got to stop that right now when you have areas that a surging like the sea right now. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says another potentially large Corona virus aid bill would move through the Senate in late July. We're going to stay on the schedule that I've announced earlier in the year Which means we will not be here in August, so I think the time to focus on this is a CZ. I said three months ago and as others have said today is that Period in July. Which also I think dovetails nicely with the perfect time to take assessment of the economy. And the progress we're making on the health care from the White House now, says President Trump has been given an intelligence briefing. On the possibility that Russia was paying the Taliban to kill Americans. The president's been briefed by intelligence officials now,

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