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Highlight today's economic agenda Macy's and General Mills before quarterly earnings used on a 21 time for traffic in transit. Away. Kelly, Dylan and Brian were now dealing with a crash in the North and dig and this is right past 179 Street. At least Elaine blocked off, and delays are quickly building up through that spot. Also, some new trouble on the eastbound be cured by Atlantic Avenue. There's now a new broken down car. This one blocking at least Elaine and pump it, pump it. Delays continue right back to the prospect, and we're now getting a bit busy across the inbound Brooklyn Bridge. Now, here's what you need to know about the rest of the bridges and tunnels pretty quiet across the George Washington Bridge, not looking too bad either way. Now at the Lincoln or Holland Tunnels. Ah, big busy in New Jersey south on Route 21 the exit rampant Exit H in Nutley. The right lane down with a down street light from an earlier accident. So a slow right exiting there and south downside of 95 in Connecticut. Pretty busy were bumper to bumper from exits. Nine through seven. Construction work. I'm Kelly Dylan. Our next report at 8 31 on 10 10 win.

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