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Camp expected from the NFLPA


Album, Kennedy Zetina Montrose who saved two minutes in the express, 37 20 here. Bon 42 0 here into the Jane Bird. About 28 if you are coming in from Montrose Up on Ike holding pretty steady here so from Western to display NHS 28 to Mannheim, 41 minutes to 3 90 about 43 from three nights 1/2 on hour to get downtown from Mannheim Stevenson authority to the tri state 40 minutes to get to 3 55 inbound 33 from veterans 23 from 2 94 Heavy 55 both ways. Weber Heavy 55 both ways at Arsenal. The ladder is due to ongoing road work up on Dan Ryan. 30 minutes and about this 2057 out about 18 and boundless 15. A bomb before it'll take 23. Inbound still looking alright, Lakeshore drive heavy both ways as you approach Chicago but where you jammed and again Every time we check him with me on this. The delay is worse. South Bum tries it busy from Ogden

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