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Tower. Now the Willis Tower will be re opening on Friday. Wools News time. 609 checking traffic here in wools. We've got a lot of busy conditions out there. One big trouble spot is South bound Tri state before 95th. There's a crash blocking two right lanes there. Kennedy express lanes outbound, solid between diversity and Addison, where there was an earlier stall and I 57 is Shut down north bound between Palmer and 80 because of an accident at I A D that is traffic from the same 90 traffic center. Small businesses need a steady partner in today's changing world that sales force with sales service and marketing all on one secure platform. Salesforce help small businesses find more customers win their business and keep them happy for life. Tried for free at salesforce dot com slash smb. I'm John Dempsey, 8 90 Wools News. Thank you, John. Much appreciated nine minutes after six o'clock, So we all know the Blues Brothers movie. We're talking off a lot about it. It's one of my favorites may be the best Chicago movie. In my opinion, just for the scenery. One of the great scenes, of course, happened at me now demolished Dixie Square Mall down and Harvey No. The ball was closed when they film the Blues Brothers air 40 years ago. But finally, in 2010 the state came through with $4 million to help with the demolition. Control. The project went to the South suburban Mayors and managers Association. What was left of them all finally came down in the last private group to own. The parcel at 151st Street in Dixie Highway didn't pay the taxes. So Harvey Receive the land under Cook County's no cash bid program about four years ago. And that is turning out

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