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Dow today closed up 217 points.


Sunny San Diego Honda dealers Traffic center. We have something on South bound five just for the 50 For some say it's a bag. Some say it's a blanket rolling around. But what any case it is backing traffic up to the Coronado Bridge. Also seeing some slowing north and South bound 1 25 from the A. To the 94 South bound 15 tiny bit of slowing from the 52 to arrow drive North. Found 15 will take you 22 minutes to get from the 76 to Winchester. This report is sponsored by 7 11 You want coffee, but you also want to not spend money. Get seven cups free with seven rewards. They might know you better than you know yourself. 7 11 Always open offer good through 89 20 Participating US 7 11 stores. Other limitations apply C for terms I'm Lorie Kane Co goes next real time Traffic update is at 3 43 covers up and and sending a weather. The pattern continues. Night morning clouds of end, clearing to partly sunny afternoons near the coast and mostly sunny England Tomorrow, once again, but low seventies near

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