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Tom, Fred And US discussed on Weird Wacky Wonderful Stories Podcast


I still have sin with my grandfather telling me stories of old. The older in bet as used to say well he's no longer here to share those stories and I wish I'd catalog. That's why I felt such an affinity to thome listener from Alabama now living in Berlin. Who started sending US recordings of memories of growing up? Enjoyed this shirt. True story read by Tom. Himself in this special edition of the show way calling reminiscent with Tom. Visiting relatives on the weekends. Where most always a treat for us except for the one in Mississippi and that was just because of drinking water as we kids played in the hot sun. Go to the old galvanized bucket on the back porch to get a dipper of water. The dipper was made of a hollowed out. Gourd. The only thing I will bring up about these visits was there well water that tasted like iron. Awful taste there was so much iron in that water that my dad with his brand of humor or may not to get near any magnus at least two days after drinking. They're never tried myself now. The most fun visits for my uncle Phelan's farm he had inherited earlier on a few hundred acres once Indian lands from his father so that he would be listed as a farmer wouldn't be called into war one and it worked he. Moseley grew corn and did so with only to plow Mu. The little house was as known in the south as a shotgun house. Believe three rooms but I only remember to the front bedroom and one in the pack was a kitchen there. We all entered into the kitchen. The kitchen was spars with a wood burning stove. Cabinet supper table with four wooden chairs covered. Course with cal that he'd covered himself on the wall as I remember clearly was a bull whip and he was very proficient with it. Going to his place was for us. Kids like going to the old West. His wife Mary was a fiery redhead. He decided to take alive. He had no place to go looking as he was the only one to watch the old farm so as many did in those days he placed an ad in the newspaper looking for good wife who can help on the farm must be able to clean and cook read head preferred well aunt. Mary answered the ad and I believe they were mostly happy. Now the sad story about the front room that no-one entered later on in her years and I can still see her lying in the bed almost unable to move because of the ravages of arthritis and never heard a complain though but only lay there and listen to the visitors in the kitchen and her husband's constant jokes and stories. I know that no one should complain. But in this instance I wished ahead some way of documenting his stories jokes. They were classics. That was I entertainment in the south monk who was kind of odd in one way he never drank his coffee from the Cup itself he would always pour the coffee into the saucer from there. He would drink it. His coffee was strong mainly because he used the grind says he called it several times before throwing it into the garden as fertilizer. When asked if you want one lump or two always thought he was talking about the coffee itself and not sure cubes to keep the coffee from getting too bitter. He said he would grant up egg shells and bullet with this coffee. Grounds seemed to work getting to his house off. The main paved road was an adventure for us. Kids my dad would stop at the beginning of the old dirt road and let me infrared out of the car to ride on each fender. Fred and I would ride on the fender down the bumpy road holding onto the hood ornament with one hand for us. It was like riding a bucking horse. I'd look back at dad laughing with that old cigar stogie in the corner of his mouth and when we arrived at the farm we would jump down from the vendor and open the old wooden gate which was twice as wide as a card. Self Mogul would be looking out to make sure the friend. I wouldn't ride his gate open. You'll break my gate and make it sad so don't do that You know kids. We did it anyways. When he wasn't looking we were stubbornness his plow muse now the mules themselves. Well Fred and I have heard uncle storage so many times one day. We got up and left the adults at the kitchen table. Exploring the old barn and corn crib. We saw to plow meals near the fence. Fred had one of his great ideas again to play cowboy and ride the news. There were no mule. Saddles bridles to be found. So we hopped on the unsuspected. Animals never been road before and startled those animals so badly. They bolted to the Cornfield. And we plowed down rows of corn before we got controlled brought moons back. Needless to say we were in deep trouble. The next time with my uncle I think it was the down. Rows of corn gave us away. Oh and he told us then. Their views were useless for a week that same day my family stayed late just to talking until around ten or eleven o'clock. I'm not sure if they all had consume something that night but we got into the car. The headlights didn't work not at all and without batting an eye. Dad gave me infrared each a flashlight and we both mounted each defenders. Switch the lights on and off. We went into the night. It was only a few miles home but it was bounds of adventure for us. The highway was somewhat hilly and as we would come over the hills and into the lower areas we go through banks of thick heavy fog up the next hill and rising above the top of the fog for a moment and then repeat all over again. The Wonderful Way Home. The full moon in the clear sky with millions of stars and two tiny flashlights. Showing the way. Here's the family visits sincerely Tom tune in again. Next time for more reminiscing with Tom..

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Tom, Fred And US discussed on Weird Wacky Wonderful Stories Podcast

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