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Diving Deep with Melissa Joan Hart


I would love to just kind of start off talking about. I mean you've kind of been in the limelight for most of your life. Now you've been behind a screen and I'd love to hear Maybe how that has affected you. Would you let your boys do acting if they wanted to get into it? Just kind of love to hear your story a little bit. You know the thing is. I didn't know any other childhood right. My childhood was I had a fairly normal childhood where I grew up with my parents siblings on a Dead End Street Long Island walking to school every morning riding my bike valet classes. Because my parents couldn't take me because were too many children in our house. and But I also auditioned ended. Theater ended commercials and stuff like that so I think it was a little bit short of the way anybody else would take take a hobby seriously if somebody was a major soccer player at school and doing really well with that or if someone was gymnast and be being pulled out of school at the time for certain events started Nowadays everyone does travel. I don't travel was a big thing when I was growing up. But like you know missing. School for work was kind of odd but it was what I knew and everyone else had a lot of questions about it and I got very embarrassed about that kind of thing but Yeah but time I was like thirteen I was on Clarisa or maybe fourteen but not a lot of people had cable so my my kind of well growing up I was known as the rice krispies girl I was known as the Arnold Bright Girl like all these commercials I would do. Or if someone's parents let them watch me on the equalizer or they happened to see me on Saturday night. Live or I let a bunch of girlfriends come see me play ones but most of the time when I was doing a lot of theatre in my early middle school days nobody knew I was doing big FYODOR. Nobody they just knew I was going out at night. They had no idea at I was I was doing. You know a big play with big names and all this other stuff so And then Clarisa happened and while I was on a TV show filming in Orlando. I wasn't in Hollywood. I wasn't going to Red Carpet. Wasn't part of the whole scene circuit and then the show is on cable wasn't like a lot of people had it until later so really that's show became popular very slowly. Nickelodeon knew that there was good numbers behind it but as far as being recognized on the street it happened and I was living in New York City where nobody looks at your face anyway. Often keeps going. You know once in a while I would get stopped on the street in my teen years and I'd be kind of like flabbergasted by it and annoyed by it was weird. I don't know them but they're pretending they know me you know and and then Sabrina happened. We moved to La. I was twenty you know and I was a little more prepared and ready for it and so you know I feel like in a sense. I had a pretty normal childhood. Really until ninth grade and then ninth grade but you know teen years or was weird anyway kind of happy to get out of the high school setting away from peer pressure. I had a few friends but didn't really have group and felt like feel like I belonged which I think a lot of middle schools do so when I was around adults and working I felt very safe. I felt very accepted as long as I was. Nice to everyone It didn't matter what I wore. What music I liked who I dated. None of the adults care about that. Yeah so I learned very quickly that like L. Like how middle schoolers. They're mean to me because I were the wrong shoes with my outfit or desma. Mahir read for a play or something you know. And I'm like you know these adults are just like just be dumping ass right like as long as I was nice and I think that's sort of why I learned very early to like on a sat like you. You WanNa be professionally one. Do Your job you Wanna hit your mark in. It doesn't matter if you're the star or not like everyone has to behave themselves in a certain way. You don't get to be a diva because your names the one on the idol in your face. The one they're using to promote it like doesn't am. I get you a few things but I like to whenever I use sort of diva behavior. It's only to benefit everybody

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