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This big op ed in the in the New York Post which


Expanding there is no set curriculum here but governor Disentis has asked in the past for an honorary degree and governor to Santa's has said that you said the honorary degree war ever bestowed that he would hang it frame it hang it proudly on the wall in his gubernatorial office and if anybody has come close to earning an honorary degree from the Limbaugh institute it is the governor of Florida Ron de Santis he has clearly had enough of the drive by media after months of being slammed by fake news and by the gloom and doom casually forecasts over his handling of the coronavirus the governor called the mount with vice president Mike pence by aside governor to Sanders reminded reporters to their faces not a lot of the people in their profession had gleefully predicted for weeks that Florida was going to be just like New York they couldn't let New York be a stand alone because it's a New York governor somebody they're still trying to maneuver to be plugs is replacement who's been an abject failure who continues to be an abject failure who has presided over the unnecessary untold depths of how many seasons citizens by farming I'm out to nursing homes to get rid of them he never did face the massive hospital shortage that the president to set him up for never needed any of the additional hospital spaces hospital beds and so the drive by media just as trump must look bad every day as many ways as possible Andrew Cuomo must look like perfection he must look like brilliance he must be portrayed as the legitimate inheritor of the brilliance of his father Mario the pious Cuomo and he just can't pull it off New York is an absolute disaster area because of the way it has been dealt with it has been set up to be an ongoing disaster area because governor Cuomo refuses to even contemplate the prospect of opening up the city in the service of what in

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This big op ed in the in the New York Post which

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Well sure they're flexible your child can flush their toy down the toilet

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