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Astros, Dodgers And Cody Bellinger discussed on Dickerson & Hood


The Astros and the Dodgers it's a back and forth high scoring affair but the Dodgers having taken of seven to four lead in the top of the fifth inning on Cody Bellinger's three run home run but now in the bottom of the fifth Clayton Kershaw has run into a jam giving up back to back two out walks it is night is done back to minute maid park in game five one side Aaron Boone here's the initial user interface Jose Altuve insulators bid so outstanding in this postseason now working out a relief fastball as a reliever's been typically in the mid nineties called for to see slider we saw for the first time really and all the proceeds to break out the curve ball in his last outing against the the Astros but primarily it's been fastball slider fastball to both sides of the plate in a pit point accuracy by a large with the slider we'll see now how he responds with one day's rest having thrown forty two pitches back in game three the phased out to be a game three of the retired on a ground ball seven to four point out to base the tying run the picture the slider that big swing and a miss and I mean L. two became a way out of his normal swing there spitting towards third base with his left foot try to tie the game on the first page and another first pitch slider to Jose Altuve it his swing he might win MVP but his swing has been sold at times it is World Series bigger than it seem to be through the regular season no one any text out of the way of all the strike a lot of guys try to do more with the moment is bigger but you wouldn't pinpoint out to Vegas that likely a candidate to be that yeah and he's had it that's you know obviously at three forty six this year it's not a bad service World Series worries really not looked like out to these come out of self the one thing he's done a good job so he's righted the ship with in the course of games where he's come off a couple of tough at bats he's come up with a big hit on a big.

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Astros, Dodgers And Cody Bellinger discussed on Dickerson & Hood

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