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From Folsom the Carson city


It'll be on the warm side for today with mostly sunny skies highs of eighty six to ninety clear tonight low fifty four to fifty eight heating up for the rest of the holiday weekend tomorrow sunshine highs ninety two to ninety six near record warmth Monday was sun highs ninety eight to one oh two I'm accu weather's bill decker news ninety three point one KFBK Sacramento is number one for breaking news traffic and weather news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. Americans are worried about their money they don't know what to do so they make the mistake of doing nothing taking too much risk not positioned for potential growth and their money could run out big financial can help by meeting with you in person or

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From Folsom the Carson city

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Says if all goes well one hundred million doses will be ready but two injections may be needed to work

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When it turned dark on Saturday and Sunday night we had this really terrible destruction so we

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Discover dot com slash credit

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Mark from a lord Minnesota

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One tonight will be moved in

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And ambulances responding CHP

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A pound at your neighborhood

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