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Susanna Palmer, Andrew Cuomo And Bloomberg discussed on Bloomberg Politics, Policy and Power


For current numbers U. S. deaths now or just over ninety six thousand and I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg news room governor Andrew Cuomo repeated during today's press briefing on the corona virus outbreak in New York state that re opening depends on the numbers not the politics the death count from the virus is eighty four in New York over the past twenty four hours I want people to know where we are with these criteria and that's why they're on the website and I encourage people to go look at them every day they are controlling what's happening this is all a function of what people do this is nothing to do with the government of the to do with anything out hello announced that the mid Hudson region would reopen Tuesday after enough contact tracers had been trained over the weekend and Long Island could possibly reopen on Wednesday Dow Jones reports president trump is considering establishing a panel to review complaints of anti conservative bias on social media this in a move that would likely drop pushback from technology companies and others Venezuelan state media says the first of five Iranian vessels bringing millions of barrels of gasoline to fuel starved Venezuela is set to arrive today the shipments market rants latest round of help for Nicolas Maduro's regime Venezuela home to the world's largest oil reserves is nearly out of gasoline following years of mismanagement and U. S. sanctions on its oil Donald's is estimating that tens of millions of dollars will be needed to help its US franchisees the story on that from Bloomberg's Charlie palette it is also warning that some distressed franchisees may need to downsize or sell off locations according to documents and internal emails viewed by Bloomberg news the company is earmarked about forty million dollars in aid for restaurant owners that are in crisis following the covert nineteen locked down the fast food chain has nearly fourteen thousand U. S. locations ninety five percent of which are franchised global news twenty four hours a day on air and on QuickTake by Bloomberg powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Susanna Palmer this is Bloomberg this is Bloomberg business week with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly from Bloomberg radio they were bringing some of our favorite conversations from the week on our Bloomberg business week daily radio show check that out two PM Wall Street every day and Carroll this week it's about the road back well it is not the right back I have to say store across the Bloomberg about a hotel in Times Square near Times Square which we know the city shut down with this hotel is shutting down and it brought us back to Ian Schrager who has come to our studio several times he's an entrepreneur a hotelier and real estate developer so I really wanted to get his perspective someone who has seen so many different cycles in the city want to get his perspective on where we are and what life looks like after the virus contemplated under siege public is closed as well as a lot of the addition behind look public again opening soon I feel that we see the light at the end of the tunnel and media they'll be a lot of uncertainty involved but I'm quite confident that you know will return to normal business will get back and we'll see Happy Days again well in in you know one of the reasons we wanted to make sure to talk to you beyond just your general wisdom and expertise is because you guys had to make the the tough decision to close the Times Square addition about a year ago give or take you were with us talking about it opening a lot of promise there in Times Square you know in a totally different it place than it was it when you opened it decades before now obviously the city has been brought to a standstill help us understand what led ultimately to that decision well unfortunately we can't do it again took issue between the owner of the property and financial institutions the hotel is part of a larger component but a lot of retail update signage component as well as one eight hundred used to have nothing to do with us we hope to get a hold of the hotel was doing better than we expected she was a worldwide critical acclaim and we're hoping we can close it will be up and down like other animal hoping go to welcome everybody back so much to me pandemic user over or under control so it's not a case though than enough because I know there's been some thoughts about I think there's another hotel that closed in the area that you know problems for times square's specially in opposed virus or post code nineteen world do you see it that way or now no I come away you know I've been hearing the pundits everybody's talking about a paradigm shift in you know hello my experience and I think stench pentacle crimes you see a pattern on shift you know like the way they make adjustments on nothing changed after nine eleven nothing changed after World War two when someone insults for we always find a way if we get back to normal we have to stop all detections from all the other talk to people I think a lot of the things you can take a while we're gonna have to make an adjustment we hope we have to get a vaccine but who do you look at the way we dealt with him the other clarity in Houston humanity and I will return to normal in New Yorker story arc and we were still times square and just a question of riding in a healthy being cool and making adequate plans and and waiting for it to happen and I don't see it being a long term ramp up the business I see it being you know well I can't help you obviously but I think it's the perfect time to market I think the bottom the rest until get started soon there was a pent up demand because you know the game against the people four different gate when the pandemic and scientifically and the people see that when the boss opened up in Wisconsin and other places they have attacked so you know I I'm not an optimist by nature really I see no returning to normal exactly when I can okay but you know I think things will go back to normal that's intriguer and do so we know he's been building hotels has been changing the model for over five decades he's now building residential buildings it was so good to get his perspective on how things change and how we come back he really understands crisis and rebuilding money understands New York you understand city and I dare say he understands human beings we this is a guy who was one of the creators of studio fifty four in many ways he also redefined the way we think about hotels and let me tell you we gotta think about hotels and travel and even just being human in a whole different way now you had me at studio fifty four and that was a great human experiment put that out there absolutely what you're listening to Bloomberg this week coming up we hear from the author of a new book we've been quoting this back and.

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Susanna Palmer, Andrew Cuomo And Bloomberg discussed on Bloomberg Politics, Policy and Power

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