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News radio twelve hundred W. away I


To sixteen oh for adding multiple lanes if you see a traffic problem call the traffic declined to one zero seven eight five two six zero one tie holders radio twelve hundred W. O. A. R. any rain and flood threat on the way here as we move towards the end of the weekend the for the scattered showers and storms will fall back to the low seventies showers and thunderstorms Sunday could see a couple of inches of rain will get up in the mid eighties showers and storms Sunday night into Memorial Day Jeff you know for the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station news radio twelve hundred W. away I Terry operations to disarm Iraq this Memorial Day we remember they gave their lives we all remember so that others might live news radio twelve hundred W. away I I'm bill ready for Venice garden center they've been helping use our news find the right plants trees and flowers for over seventy years here's what's new this week

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News radio twelve hundred W. away I

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