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The businesses use the money in certain ways including spending most of it on payroll businesses have complained about these restrictions including the fact that they have only eight weeks to spend the money there is bipartisan congressional support to double that time frame Danielle Kurtzleben NPR news several states are calling on the trump administration to extend the deployment of the National Guard to continue helping them deal with the corona virus outbreak NPR's Martin Martin Costi has details National Guard have been doing jobs related to the pandemic across the country but the current White House plans to end their deployment on June twenty fourth cost may be a reason as that date would mean the guardsmen would be just one day short of qualifying for certain benefits some states say they'll need the guards help longer in Washington the state that dealt with the nation's earliest known outbreak of covert nineteen more than three hundred guardsmen are working as contact tracers they're calling people who test positive to trace and identify others who may have been infected Washington's governor Jay Inslee has sent a letter to defense secretary mark esper asking for the guard's mission to be extended the letter calls the guard quote absolutely critical to the state's efforts to sustain a safe and responsible opening of the economy Martin Pasti NPR news Seattle a local politician in Kansas is addressing a new finding that the state has the largest racial disparity of covert nineteen deaths in the country African Americans make up a third of the deaths in Kansas but just over five percent of the population city council member Brandon Johnson says a lack of testing has contributed to it National Guard have been doing jobs related to the pan what we saw was the least amount of tests in our community and so when we see the impact on African American community we question why there wasn't enough to us in our community and we wanted to see both symptomatic and asymptomatic folks have an opportunity to get tested Johnson tells ABC news over the last week more than a thousand people were tested at one site this is NPR live from KQED news I'm keep wolf Pacific gas and electric says survivors of wild fires caused by its equipment have voted to support a compensation settlement with the bankrupt utility KQED's lily Jamali reports PG&E says more than eighty five percent of wildfire survivors who voted approved a multi billion dollar settlement with the utility that's well over the two thirds threshold it needed setting P. Jeannie one step closer to getting its bankruptcy plan approved by this summer this six week vote ending last week was contentious on paper the deal is worth thirteen point five billion dollars half cash and half PG&E stock critics say P. Jeannie has yet to guarantee the final amount and the timing of payments to the seventy thousand or so survivors who lost homes and loved ones in the fires I'm lily Jamali KQED news pinnacles national park has become the latest national park to partially re opened after being closed during the crown of virus pandemic managing editor of KQED science Paul Rogers has more the park located east of the Salinas valley is famous for its towering rock formations dark caves in California condors for the past two months only people with overnight camping reservations have been allowed in now that's changing but with a big catch the parking lot inside the park remain closed so to visit you have to go to the gate have somebody drop you off and ride a bicycle or hike up to six miles to get to the good trails parks officials say they hope to more fully reopen in two to three weeks that was KQED science editor.

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