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The study marks the first time the vaccine was tested in humans


Study published by the lancet a potential vaccine for covered nineteen appears to be safe and able to generate an immune response against the virus the study marks the first time the vaccine was tested in humans the findings are preliminary and based on observations made over the first twenty eight days after the vaccine was administered the final results are to be evaluated in six months currently there's more than one hundred code nineteen vaccines in development worldwide however the new Dino virus type five vectored covered nineteen or at five incomplete is the first to be tested in humans it uses a weakened common cold virus a team of virus which infects human cells but is in capable of causing disease to deliver genetic material that codes for the stars Kobe to spike to the proteins cells that allows the immune system to create antibodies to fight the coronavirus stars Kobe to is the one that has covered nineteen after twenty eight days more than ninety five percent of the participants in all of the groups had a fourfold increase in binding antibodies the at five in Kobe vaccine also stimulated a rapid T. cell response in the majority of volunteers which was greater in those given the higher and middle doses of the vaccine the vaccine will need to pass through phase two and phase three clinical trials in humans before it can be made available for widespread use for USA radio news I'm Wendy king sometimes life and

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The study marks the first time the vaccine was tested in humans

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