Booker says he sees 'sentiment and the substance' behind 'Defund the Police' phrase but 'it's not a slogan I will use'


News room the protests have stretched well beyond New York City we've seen them all across the country we've seen demonstrations in Hoboken Jersey city Newark Montclair and other parts of New Jersey as well and senator Cory Booker was on NBC's meet the press this morning he says there is a genuine call to action he was asked specifically about calls to defund police well I understand clearly the sentiment and the substance behind the slogan and so also slogan I'll use are your people just dismiss it and don't get deeper into the substance as I said earlier it is not a mark of a beloved community to prey upon the most vulnerable and your society we are using police and I think I ran police departments I would have exhausted police officer saying why are we using police to deal with the fragility or vulnerability of our society there's so much money going into our police departments but it's a more expensive way to deal with it I remember being surprised in Seattle with a housing group called Plymouth housing where they should be in data analysis where they look at what was more expensive for society keeps providing supportive housing for Americans with mental illness that were homeless or leaving them on the streets and they found out they were the same Seattle millions of dollars mayor de Blasio this morning says New York City will be diverting some of the six billion dollars the NYPD has in its budget to youth and social services when pressed on how much you wouldn't say he also promoted several other reform a police reform ideas including some that will be talked about this upcoming week in

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