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Trump says U.S. will break off ties with World Health Organization


President trump has been criticizing China over its treatment of Hong Kong specifically in response to a new national security law Beijing is trying to implement yesterday he took action CBS is Natalie brand the president says the administration will take steps to sanction China in response to the country's new security law that threatens Hong Kong's long standing independence the United States will also take necessary steps to sanction PRC and Hong Kong officials directly or indirectly involved in a road in Hong Kong's autonomy and saw and just if you take a look smothering absolutely smothering Hong Kong's freedom the president announced the U. S. will no longer give Hong Kong the favorable trade relationship the island has always enjoyed the president also said he was ready to take action to mandate the Chinese and other foreign companies listed on U. S. financial exchanges abide by American accounting and audit standards president trump also announcing the US is cutting ties with the World Health Organization because they haven't made reforms in response to what the president believes is China's mishandling of the corona virus outbreak CBS's been Tracy has more on that story the president lashed out at China and the WHL blaming them for allowing corona virus to spread the world needs answers from China on the virus the president said he would give the world health organization's thirty days to make reforms he waited just eleven it is now pulling the US out the U. S. has been the largest supporter of the

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