Chicago - Robert Palley Charged With Hate Crime, Battery After Altercation With Woman In River Forest


Police say a sixty one year old river forest man is charged with felony counts of hate crime and aggravated battery after a racially charged incident at a jewelry store yesterday there were words exchanged between the two people inside the jewel store at a Starbucks and then as the white man walked out the black woman followed him and videotaped him asking him repeatedly do you have anything to say for yourself now do you have any do you have any then the the man man turns turns around around there's there's a a face face off off and and then then a a physical physical fight fight the the woman woman posted posted the the video video on on Twitter Twitter police police in in river river forest forest say say sixty sixty one one year year old old Robert Robert Pelley is charged with a hate crime and with aggravated battery in a statement the village president says we have no tolerance for hate in river forest

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