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I just because of the importance of your plan a little bit of comedy trivia I'll hit me big


Stones that I listen to at a very young age I really dug them a lot but like on my own that this sticks paradise theater album and kiss alive too when it comes to theatrics and rock and roll forget about the substance of the music those were my early influences when it came to L. peas and thank you for asking yeah thank you yeah yeah that's all you gave me was a yeah I guess I pour my heart out to to get yet I did a lot of lower you your record Hey Clark what's up blood I just because of the importance of your plan a little bit of comedy trivia I'll hit me big man okay that seems so where that album was recorded the opening act well the blues brothers and that's where they recorded their first album as well otherwise so I have no idea because as a kid you don't even think about that that's a real place all you know is like those are Steve Jobs words coming into your ears you know right right yeah that's good a lot of great county came from that one so so while I was speaking of great comedy if people want to check out Tampa's news force Clark is a very very funny man and he's incredible writer and he wrote something that I found I mean maybe it's because it's in our own sweet spot but he he it's like the onion except locally and the headlight the headline is local talk radio caller comes up with nickname and it's a whole article about I think it was Serra seminal Gerry and I I do you're so dead on about people who call this type of radio and give themselves nicknames whether it's Chicago chock or in this case Seminole Gary or you know write long Larry tries you nailed it does very very funny great work man well thanks a million for the praise and also pointed out that there are a lot so I called for but I will at least take that now you definitely should have used force dot com that's Lima make great here from you

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