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158: Ferry Corsten



How are you doing this week? I feel like that's a question I've I've always asked at the beginning of these shows but it's a little more meaningful now I really do mean it. I hope everybody is doing well out there. Hope you're getting through these these weird times you know. I think we're all figuring out our own path our own navigation but One thing that's really been making me. Happy is continuing to make this show during quarantine and To know that so many awesome people are out there listening. And I've got a great show for you today. A true legend in the DJ World Fairy. Karston is on the show one of the trance music. Oggi's you know somebody who I remember seeing on bills in the nineties when I was just starting to go to raves. He's had an incredible career and is not slowing down even a little bit He actually just released his as above so below album under his fair. Efi Are alias and Is a bit of a departure. It's actually really dope it's It's an ambient album or what he might call a neoclassical album. The first time various put out anything. Like this It's a great soundtrack for these times. It's a great way to chill out so check that out. He also just released a brand new single called tomorrow Just as ferry courson classic fairy vibes a great tune that I'm playing on my Sirius. Xm Show this week. That is back-to-back. Radio which on Channel Fifty two DIPLO's revolution Wednesday nights at nine PM Pacific Right before quarantine hit he had been planning a retrospective tour called what the F. which is a tribute to his system of alias. Which is kind of how he originally blew up. There was a song called out of the blue that became a major major major hit and sort of took him around the world for the first time so going forward in the future. Keep an eye on him for when those dates are GonNa be rescheduled and finally for all my producers out there. This is really cool Ferry Karston is asking you. Yes you the producer to help contribute and collaborate with him on his next unity release Very does these unity project releases where he works with other artists to kind of meet in the middle of their two styles and see what they can come up with together He's worked with people like Paul Oaken. Fold Sander van Doorn Yuan Bluestone Cetera. And now he's looking to work with you. He's put up stems and Midi files for a melody that he's working on. That's on his soundcloud right now. All the details are up there. I'M GONNA linked to both the soundcloud and where you can go. Follow Ferry in general in the description of this episode. And if you WANNA participate you've got until June first to work on something with the parts in the stems that ferry put up on their submit them to him. He's going to review everything and his favourite parts. He's going to incorporate them into the final tune everybody's going to be credited and all proceeds are going to the World Health Organization to with Corona virus relief. So it's a really awesome project All my young producers out there could be a great opportunity definitely go. Check that out so look How am I doing you ask well first of all thank you for asking? That's very polite of you. You know I know my audience is always looking out for me. I'm doing all right man and certainly with all the live streaming. There's been some new opportunities some fun things to do last week. I collaborated with monster cat on a roundtable sort of round robin interview where. I talked to Grab it's mode. Step Foster Domin. Valentino Khan the video for that is still up on the Monster Cat. Twitch all linked to that in the description as well if you WANNA go Check out what we were doing. On the livestream we were taking questions from the audience. It was loose. It was fun we might do some more of that. We'll see and look if you enjoy today's episode if you like what we're doing over here at back the bag if you checked out the monster cat stream and you came here from there First of all. I'm just happy to have you. This is a great community. If you want to get more involved with this community I highly recommend you come join the back to back discord server. I'm in there every single day chatting with people. We have an excellent community. We're talking about our lives. Were supporting each other. If you're a music producer there's an area where you can post up your music what you're working on get feedback and connect with other like minded people and if you're not just come talk about life with us because really that's what it's all about. That's what we're here for and look if you really like this show if you WANNA help support back to back the best way you can do that you don't have to spend a dollar you don't have to take more than a couple of minutes. The best way to support this show is just by helping US spread. The word word of mouth is how we grow. So put up a tweet. Let people know you're listening tag us in your stories Just tell a friend who loves music as much as you do about this show and every time I see somebody out there spreading the good word. I'm always going to be responding replying. Reposting your content and just generally trying to connect with you. That is my favorite part of doing this show. You can connect with me to back to back. Pod G MAIL DOT COM. Is the email address or you can just hit me up on social media at Willie joy or at back to back. Pie All right. So let's get into this with ferry. He was a treat to talk to a class. Act such a nice guy. He was at his home in Holland in his beautiful. Newly constructed studio out there. We covered a lot of ground. Let's get into it right now. I think you're GONNA like this. This is me and ferry coursed and back to back..

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