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Saba Long Supporting Frontline workers


Unimin you know we highlight great people doing great things long time listener but also very active in the community sob along board member of marta army is doing something very spectacular we're talking about feeding transit workers during cold nineteen as you know they are sent to their front line workers and really they have not been treated the best still complaints coming from many transit workers about safety Hey hazard pay or the lack there of we're blessed to have people like Saba doing the work site how are you good morning great to be with you we virtually thank you for being on the program absolutely also let's talk about what you all are doing what campaign is this yes summer army of the non profit volunteer led organization there's a bunch of folks who are passionate about transit about making it cool and accessible like you said we were trying to find a way to support transit workers you know there's been a lot of attention on health care workers and grocery store workers return to workers are incredibly essential and we thought they should get some love as well so we came up with the idea it's a feat transit workers I'm not called operation feed an operator this operation takes place Monday through Friday and you all provide them with freshly cooked meals from sweet Auburn seafood and is about fifteen hundred meals per week that's a lot of meals that's a lot of cooking how was that done logistically yeah so we process we have partnered with the nonprofit and national nonprofit called world central kitchen and what is the worst scrappy nonprofit all volunteers so we we said Hey we want to see transit workers how much would this cost if you think about you know ten Bucks a male per person for ten Bucks per person for me all that adds up really fast and as I reached out to a local chef who owns empire state south in mid town that's it Hey we want to see workers but we're just trying to figure out how to pay for that and he connected us to world central kitchen the world central kitchen and finding this operation they are essentially pain free Dr and seafood which is a locally owned and minority owned restaurant in town to provide detailed for transit workers so it's a great benefit for the restaurant because as you know folks are not eating out in restaurants you're suffering one is also a great benefit to these operators so that they know the community cares about them where you drive these meals off at so Monday through Friday we are at rail stations I can give you the less just briefly Monday every Monday were AT home station Judy's College Park when P. is Avondale thirsty Lambert and Friday is west end and I would add that we are focusing on the nail on the furloughed para transit workers at every workout frontline workers available obviously receive emails but we really want to make sure that the Furler para transit workers will participate in this program and the difference is that we're doing is if you are a furloughed para transit worker and you want to come pick up the mail we are giving you five meals at that day so if you come on Monday do you want to pick up five meals for the week we've got you covered then you can come back next week and pick up another five meals is there some where M. transit worker can go and find this information to connect yeah they can go to mark her army A. R. M. Y. dot O. R. G. March army dot O. R. G. and you'll see the operation listed right there on the home page and click get you'll see where to go Bhambri after station from twelve thirty to one thirty Monday through Friday good stuff remarkable stuff of those listening they would like to help candidates yes we would love volunteers you know we've been relying thankfully on the on the union side a local I. seven thirty two the trans union have been very supportive of this project and they haven't taken our time you know when they would usually be working to support us on that's like a camper all volunteer led so we need folks to help us pick up food from the restaurant if you have an SUV or pickup truck we would really love to have you join us and then from twelve thirty to one thirty because we also need people to help the distribution very easy we're providing gloves for everyone that's required that you wear a mask if you want to make sure that we're doing this in a safe responsible way and can they go to that same website to get more information about signing up as a volunteer that's right they can go to mark army dot org to sign up to volunteer we have the volunteer slots listed so you can say all right I wanna come every Tuesday at eleven thirty for pick up or Fridays at twelve thirty work better for me just put in the time that you're interested in we will fly humans sabar you and your team are doing the work of god I appreciate your time today and thank you for continuing to solve small problems and large problems if you need my help let me know every time you take care

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